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Mechanical Behaviours of Geomaterials


Laboratory test

We have developed the advanced laboratory testing apparatus for mechanical behaviours at different strain level subjected to various loading conditions.


Micro-scale measurement

We also evaluate the granular materials at across scales including gradation, particle shape, and surface roughness.  


Numerical simulation

Besides the physical tests, we also have quite advanced numerical code to seek for the mechanisms behind. 

Selected publications

Yang, J. and Wei, L.M. (2012). Collapse of loose sand with the addition of fines: the role of particle shape. Géotechnique, 62(12), 1111-1125. (PDF)


Yang, J. and Gu, X.Q. (2013). Shear stiffness of granular material at small strains: does it depend on grain size? Géotechnique, 63(2), 165-179. (PDF)

Yang, J. and Luo, X.D. (2015). Exploring the relationship between critical state and particle shape for granular materials. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 84, 196-213. (PDF)

Yang, J. and Liu, X. (2016). Shear wave velocity and stiffness of sand: the role of non-plastic fines. Géotechnique, 66(6), 500-514. (PDF)

Yang, J., Liu, X., Guo, Y. and Liang, L.B. (2018). A unified framework for evaluating in situ state of sand with varying fines content. Géotechnique, 68(2), 177-183. (PDF)

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