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Ms. Natalia and Ir. Dr. Sze invited as panelist in HKIE's "Chit Chat with Geotechnical Elites"

Ms. Levinna Natalia (a current 2nd year Ph.D. student) and Ir. Dr. Eric Sze (graduated, Senior Geotechnical Engineer in GEO) are invited as a panelist in the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers Geotechnical Division (HKIE-GD) event on January 29, 2022. The 3rd event of 'Chit Chat with Geotechnical Elites' discusses the theme of lifelong learning in Geotechnical Engineering - from pursuing to managing a postgraduate degree. Dr. Louis Wong (HKU Department of Earth Science) and Mr. Alex Leung (Senior Engineer, AECOM) were also invited as panelists.


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